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Labour Party Youths Protest: “Remove Sacked Chairman’s Name From INEC Website”



Youths of labour party across Nigeria convened at Abuja yesterday to protest over the delays and illegitimate positions of INEC for its frivolous engagements with sacked party chairman, as well as the failure to install and recognise Dr. Mike Omotosho as the legitimate National Chairman and leader of the party.

The call for the removal of A.A Salam as the party leader on the official site of INEC became a priority with the incessant threats; distortion of party progress and the invasion of party secretariat with touts and thugs to sabotage developments in the party. According to youths who carried placards and posters chanting for the removal of A A Salam from the official website of the electoral commission, they spoke to our reporters saying that A A Salam is corrupt and is the reason why the party’s advancement was backslided.

According to the records A. A Salam embezzled over 1.4 billion naira belonging to the party and perpetrated alot of criminal activities, which eventually led to his removal. However, considering the National Convention of the party held last year, Dr. Mike Omotosho was elected by party members to be the new National Chairman of the party. Constitutionally, the results of the convention upholds Omotosho and puts an end to the reign of A.A Salam as the party chairman, but the Independent National Electoral Commission has failed to recognise the position of the party because the sacked chairman shares an unholy relationship with the commission.

The democratic move or protest as the case may be, had several youths holding placards and banners with inscriptions like “INEC legal dept should stop the game and recognise Mike Omotosho as party chairman”, “the court has ruled, Mike Omotosho is our chairman”, “remove A.A Salam from INEC website”, “INEC legal dept should do the needful omotosho is our chairman”, “INEC remove A.A Salam from your website and stop misleading the public”, “INEC cannot impose a corrupt leader on us” and several other inscriptions. However, this was a perfect expression of the plights, worries and challenges of labour party members on the position of INEC in the party’s leadership.

Dr. Mike Omotosho has commended party members and the youths of the party for coming out in such an amazing number to democratically clamour for what is right, he says, “we have come out to peacefully call on INEC to accept our submission on the issues surrounding the leadership of our party and we are sure that our voices will be held, and that the right thing will be done”. He concluded by encouraging Nigerians youths to always stand for truth and justic‎e

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